Friday, January 2, 2009

First race of the season

So here we are in Pinedale, Wyoming waiting to run the Green River Classic. This should be an interesting race for me. I have a new sled that has probably more power steering than I am use to and it is the first snow run of the season (ok, really second, but I don't count last weeks disaster--there is literally no snow on Casper Mountain--it really was more of a dirt run on runners...eeek!). Not fun!

This race is a lot of fun, we get a well rounded group of professionals, weekend warriors, and recrational mushers. Matt and TJ even drove up in the hurricane strength winds (what they don't know is it is always hurricane strength winds in Wyoming). I've entered the 6-dog class and Allan has entered the 12-dog class. I usually don't have enough miles on the dogs to run the 12-dog class this early in the season, but Allan has worked very, very hard and is sitting at nearly 700 training miles.

Part of the difference in our training miles is due to the difference in the dogs. His Alaskans are not nearly as bothered by warmer temperatures and he is able to get earlier training in. Where as my Seppalas really don't do well much over 50 degrees, so I am nearly a month behind him in trying to get consistant runs on my team. We were still waking up to 60 degree mornings in mid November! We getting there!

We'll try to update on how the race went on Sunday...

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