Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life's Idiosyncrasies

Allan and Allison are racing in Dubois, Wyoming this weekend--my all time favorite race! Unfortunately, I am needed at home to help our oldest and only son who broke his ankle in a wrestling tournament last weekend. Late this week, he had surgery to insert screws and wires to hold it together. This sudden turn of events meant someone had to stay home this weekend to monitor his medication, cart ice packs back and forth, and handle the extra chores. And good grief, since we have so many helpers with the chores, I did not realize how much work all the chores require. We usually have them split between 4 or 5 people, and today there was just me!

Allison is running her 3-dog Alaskan team in the 3 mile race. She just called with a tall tale of events that occured on her first race day (I am wondering if she is going to take after me with bad race luck). First, she hit a tree, lost her team, hitched a ride with her competitor, caught her team which had turned back and almost went right past her, and then follow a moose into the finish line! Whao! I would be a mess after all that, but at 10 years old, Allison takes it all in stride and is rarin' to get back on the trail tomorrow morning. She is such a trooper! I love that kid. Here is a picture of her in Pindale...those goggles crack me up, they remind me of a giant Fly and she won't leave home without them!

Allan said he had a good run in the 21 mile and said his dogs finished happy and strong. He was a little concerned because we haven't been able to do any running the last 10 days due to the broken ankle fiasco! Hopefully, he will hold it together tomorrow and will pull out a win. He said this particular 21 mile run is a bit steeper than the 15 mile run we traditionally run. In anycase, I wish them both luck tomorrow. As I said earlier, Dubois is my favorite race and the race organizers there are extremely thorough and do such a great job of putting it all together. We would be very sad to see this race ever end.

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