Monday, January 19, 2009


Another grand weekend was pulled off in Wycolo, Wyoming. Just outside of Laramie at about 9300 feet was one of the fastest trails we have ever ran on. The unusually warm Wyoming temps hit nearly 50 degrees F the first day and just slightly cooler the second day. Due to logging we had to split the day by letting the 12 mile classes run their courses before sending out the 18 mile. It did make it a little warmer for what we usually like to race in, but dense forest gave plenty of tree cover for a comfortable run. On the second day the 18 mile class ran the course, then the 12 mile class ran theirs. It actually worked out very well in terms of having plenty of help getting to the starting line!

Taylor ran a 6-dog Seppala team in the 12 mile class. Allan ran a 10-dog Alaskan team in the 18 mile class. I ran a 10-dog team in the 18 mile class with a mixture of breeds. Between bitches in heat and a couple sore pads the remaining 10 Seppalas with enough mileage had to be split between me and Taylor. So I ran 4 Sepps and 6 Alaskans.

The trails were well groomed and very fast. Our teams all held together very well. We are always conscientious of shoulder injuries when the trails are so fast, so we were all on our drags quite a bit. Taylor ran the 6 dog 12 miles, with a good clean run the first day and minor leader trouble the second. She ended up winning second place, beat by Leslie Fields who had a SMOKIN' team! Allan and I ran the 10-dog 18 mile race. Allan's alaskan team ran the both days without incident and he claimed first place followed by Ernie Baily, Matt Mauer, and me.

As my luck would have it, I did get off the trail in waist deep snow the first day. I likely lost 10+ minutes trying to get my team turned around. Thank goodness Jolene's husband was close enough by to hear the commotion and came to my rescue. Once we got back on the trail we were off and running without a hitch. I knew the team was running quite well, but was very surprised to catch up with Kayla Corcoran (8-dog 18 mile) and Matt Mauer on the second time around the loop. The next day proved to be an excellent run with the second fastest time.

We stayed with the Corcoran family and Matt Mauer in a plush little cabin at Woods Landing. The evenings were full of tall tales and good friends. Jocie Corcoran brough enough stew to feed an army an it was YUMMY! All and all, the weekend was great success! Next up...Dubois in two weeks.


WolfMoon said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog! Just came across it today. It sounds like you've been having a great season so far!

Things in MN are going well and we are very busy preparing for the race next weekend.

Keep the posts coming!

Alice White

The Moffatt Family said...

Awesome! I didn't know you had a blog!!! So excited to keep informed! :)