Thursday, February 12, 2009

Canines for Charity 2009

Another great Charity event came and went. Canines for Charity is a HUGE supporter of the ARC of Natrona County. The ARC is probably one of the most loving organizations we have ever known. They truly deserve any fund-raising that comes there way. Probably the best part of the whole event was the disability dash. The joy pasted across the faces of those kids is truly priceless. I stole this picture from sister's blog, but she said she was going to make me a disk with all the pictures anyway, so I will use this preview until she follows up :-)

The event in general is so much fun! The unusually warm weather was nearly t-shirt weather...not ideal for the dogs, but exceptionally pleasant to enjoy they day--with NO WIND. Days like that in Wyoming are so rare, we were very grateful the chance to enjoy it. TJ and Lindsey of Cold Canyon Sleddogs, bunked at our house and Lindsey had her first race with her most beautiful dog, Marki! She ended up getting second place...way to go Lindsey! We also got to spend time with some of our other very good friends and family. Even my Uncle Gary and his wife, Marcie, came out to cheer on Taylor. We even took a little break to go see his cabin he built himself...quite impressive!

The race itself was full of excitement but nothing disastrous (remember Steve Riggs and the pack of attack Mules on the trail last year...). Allan was the only one in his class, but his times were what he expected so he felt good about his run. Taylor had a wreck the first day due to the icy conditions of the trail. She decided to drop a dog the second day to reduce the power going down the ice trail. Her times certainly showed it, but it wasn't too terrible. Allison's race wasn't ideal either, she had tangle-trouble both days. The second day she came to the finish line entwined with 2 other teams, it was quite the sight to see.

I opted out of racing this weekend because I had been "sicker than a dog" with the flu the previous week. I was just getting some energy back on race day and figured I better not over do it. I had already missed more work than I wa comfortable with. I was a little sad to see everyone leave the starting lines without me, but it was truly nice to get to relax and visit everyone, something I never really get to do at the races. Poor Tyler even tagged along despite he was hobbling around on crutches. He got quite handy at maneuvering up and down the hill that goes from the parking lot to the starting line...what a trooper :-)

All in all it was a great weekend. We sold a few dogs, bought a few dogs, told dog-truck stories(the kind of stories you embelish around a campfire) and thouroughly enjoyed the day :-)

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The Moffatt Family said...

SWIPER!! Talk about incentive to get you ALL the pictures... it was kinda disastrous... I had to use my rescue disk because files were corrupted! So yes.. as soon as the insanity of Preschool V-day Parties is over... like after tomorrow.. I have those and your family pictures for you!