Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dubois 2009 and Upcoming events!

Allan and Allison did what the set off to do--THEY WON! CONGRATS! Now we are on the down hill side of the race season! Next weekend is the Canines for Charity Event...a fun and fabulous event that raises TONS of money for a good cause! I love this event because, (1) it is home turf and we don't have to drop dogs round the clock, (2) There is an ice cream social/mushers meeting Friday night AND the Berge family LOVES ICE CREAM!, (3)The banquet on Saturday is all you can eat at one of the best hotel restaurants in town! Also, on banquet night there is a silent auction and a live auction...we lost out on the pig last year, but this year if there is another one...let's just say he will come to a loving home--not slaughter!

As much as we enjoy going to the races, there still comes a certain kind of relief when they are over. Getting to plan our weekends around fun runs, extra time to work with the dogs individually, and no dropping dogs around the clock usually top my list. We'd still like to plan an ISSSC fun run this year, but with the poor economy it looks like that may not be an option. But who knows maybe something will turn up that is convenient for everyone. Since tax season is coming into fully swing for me, it looks like the last race that Allan and the girls will attend is Ashton, ID. I hope they do well!

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The Moffatt Family said...

Hey if anyone that happens to come by your website and want to buy some pictures (of the few) that I got taken at the Casper Sleddog Race... here is my website! :) The end one I priced cheap so everyone could afford it! :)