Friday, March 13, 2009

I love my Frankie dogs!!

Riverdance's Frankie

I have yet to meet a "Railroad" Frankie prodgeny that I haven't fallen in love with. They have the sweetest personalites, they eat like there is no tomorrow, and they love to run! Something about her really adds a certain quality to the Seppala line. Maybe the quality is a kind of quality we need in our dogs to counter the legenday *aloofness* of the Siberian Husky in general.

Even the cross-breed Piranah litter shows an uncanny ability to be lovable, yet work hard. Frankie babies take the old adage, "work hard, play harder" very seriously. I am always surprised at how many pedigrees show Frankie in them, yet she was no super sleddog herself. What she produces are definitely something to admire.

Frankie was definitely meant to make a difference. She survived as nursing puppy who prematurely lost her mother which is seen in her undying loyalty. She survived being hit by a train which seen in the odd scar across her back. And she survived a terrible dog fight that nearly tore her throat out as heard in her whispery bark. Frankie is now living the life in a wonderful retirement home, enjoying the laid back life of family, hikes and just being a dog. However, her progeny lives on in so many pedigrees today. We are happy to have had the chance to love Railroad Frankie!

This is my tribute to Frankie prodgeny!

Xaire of Seppalta--Owned by Doug Willett

Hartum's Eden

Deer Creek's Leno

Deer Creek's Katie

Seppaltas Monkey Owned by Doug Willett

Seppaltas Xafod Owned by TJ Schrader

Wakita - Owned by TJ Schrader

Articsepps Wing-Owned by Tabetha Berge

These are just a few of the Frankie progeny out there running down the trails. I will post more pictures as the become available.

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