Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Last Race...

Deer Creek Sleddogs finished the racing season with Allan heading off to Ashton, ID to run in the 100 mile class (two 50 mile heats). The cool thing about the Ashton race is that the entire town shows up to support the race. If you want to know how early Iditarod finishers feel as they come into the finish line--with their thoughts drowned by the roaring cheers of the crowd who line the streets--then Ashton is the place for you.

From the onset, Allan was determined to go into the race treating it like a training run with no expectations to place. For quite sometime now, the team has regularly finished 35+ mile runs happy and with lots of enthusiam. He entered the race with his only expectation being to finish the race and show his team a longer run. He was pleasantly surprised to see how well they ran the entire run the first day even though he spent a lot of time on the drag fearing he would burn them out for the last 10 miles. To his surprise the dogs ran the 50 miles like they have done it a thousand times. Day two was no different. He was quite pleased and very proud of his team as they finished the second day in 2nd place!

We want to wish Jerry Bath a BIG congratulations on 1st place. It was a well deserved win!! We also wanted to congratulate him on 5th place in the Wyoming Stage Stop race...being Wyoming natives, we know how difficult that race can be!

Photo Courtesy of Kirk Geisler

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